170cm3 bore up for Yamaha Dragstar 125

170cm3 bore up for Yamaha Dragstar 125-unlimited-power
170cm3 bore up for Yamaha Dragstar 125-unlimited-power
170cm3 bore up for Yamaha Dragstar 125-unlimited-power
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Description : 170cm3 bore up for Yamaha Dragstar 125
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This engine has a twin cylinder air-cooled and is simply derivative of 250.

We worked on modifications to increase the torque and therefore the elasticity of the engine.

The result is possible because it is the starting base 250 cm3. You can now fully use the last report and does not retrograde at the slightest touch of wind.

CAUTION: Accelerating progress allowing you to double without downshifting. The top speed is achieved much faster. Speed duo is stable.
All our products are delivered pre-set. So you have a working installation to perform. For use with the kit admission ref 39 only.


We guarantee against any latent defects.

Installing a kit to exceed legal limits of the category of your vehicle, example 125cm3 or 15hp, are permitted provided that the vehicle is subject to prior notification of withdrawal from circulation in accordance with the provisions of D.321-5-1
You must include with your order a copy of this statement. We do not somes authorized to check whether you actually made the withdrawal.

Our modifications are reliable, the record mileage is more than 50 000km without any disassembly.

Bernard: I took the kit, I'm still running
km, we can easily double.
250 km, but already the driving comfort is actually amazing at 80
I can say that the bike is much more reassuring with that power
Automatic "as a scooter.
NB we recommend keeping the original exhaust system, which on this bike offers the best efficiency.
adapted to drive. 

You must dismount and send us your two cylinders so that they are altered. Within 8 to 15 days we will return you with all parts needed for reassembly.
You will also provide us with a certificate of use in competition drawn on paper.
Indeed we have a legal obligation to inform you that your bike as amended will no longer be used otherwise than under competition.

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