New intake system for Honda CBR 125 carburetor

New intake system for Honda CBR 125 carburetor-unlimited-power
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Description : New intake system for Honda CBR 125 carburetor
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ONLY FOR CBR 125 BEFORE 2007 with carburetor

Increasing the air inlet at the entrance of the box by changing the system of air filter is our secret.
A foam filter element Kingdom Washable Filter allows a serious blow to boost.

Note: Filters KN, Green does not win because they do not affect the minimization of the input box. The fuel had not been modified it is proof that no power is gained. These products have never been proven superiority if the manufacturers would use them in origin. So beware of false advertising, ask the seller if he reimburses you if you are not satisfied!

On the road, the bike has more fishing and retu on all reports and rises more rapidly until the red zone in sporty driving, even on the last report!

Attention on this bike the installation of a collector of large diameter exhaust is losing speed. The installation of a silencer adapted saves couple of very sensitive manner. Driving without the chicane to lose much in speed. So choose your pot well as all do not give good results.
Good: Thunder, Ixil
Middle: Devil
Bad: Ninja

Following your order we will send you:
- A foam filter element
- A co et CNC ask at the entrance of the air box
- A wedge to expand the level of the needle
- A motor output pinion tooth under
- A main jet was used only if you change jar echappemet.

All our products are pre-book rules. So you have a working installation was carried out

Attention changes the technical characteristics of a vehicle causes a lack of conformity which may prohibit its use on public roads.

UPOWER -> Champion of France 2006 in endurance on 125CBR

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