Engine 150 Tokawa 4 Valves

Engine 150 Tokawa 4 Valves-unlimited-power
Engine 150 Tokawa 4 Valves-unlimited-power Engine 150 Tokawa 4 Valves-unlimited-power
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Description : Engine 150 Tokawa 4 Valves
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A light 150 Tokawa-4S
This engine receive the new decompressor and became easy to start. The engine is much easy to use by novice riders.

4-stroke single cylinder 150cc
Over Head Cams with 4 valves, decompressor and titanium retainer
Bore x stroke 60x53mm
Power 19 HP
Piston technology 2 rings
Full ignition set Red Devil
Second oil filter on the left side
Manual clutch 5 discs with rubber, inner basket and puch reinforced
Gearbox 4-speed type N1234 -short type-

Second sprocket ratio suggested for motocross use : 16x39

Provided with intake pipe, gear shift lever, kick lever, full electric wire, coil and CDI

Warranty 3 months

The guarantee covers any engine failure under a normal maintenance (replacement of piston set every 20h, control valves clearance every 10h, check the gearbox and clutch every 30h)
The warranty will cover the new parts except the labor to replace.
The kick start will be the object of your attention in order to not break the gear system and crankcase. We are available to explain how to get started easily.

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