Carburetor modification Honda Rebel 125

Carburetor modification Honda Rebel 125-unlimited-power
Carburetor modification Honda Rebel 125-unlimited-power
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Description : Carburetor modification Honda Rebel 125
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The UPower speciality is to do tests to detect the points on which we can more effectively act. Sometimes it will be the camshaft, sometimes compression, often the intake system.

Our research of the best efficiency ratio / prices have opportunities on the modification of the intake for Honda 125 Rebel, We propose to replace the 18mm carburetor for a 22 mm Japan carburetor and ato modify the air box.

A smaller front sprocket is also provided to facilitate the use of the last gear.

Caution : To bore up this engine with a DAX/ST70 piston has often been realized with a key big disappointments. Dax pistons have much lower head and therefore the engine lost enormously in compression. More third rings is monoblocks and cause a consumption of oil.

bis Caution: single carburetor is enought considering the 2 cylinders suck gas alternately each motor run. (unlike the Twin CB125T). This gives a better regularity of the gaseous vein

parts supplied:
a complete carburetor 22mm adjusted for Honda Rebel 125
a 12 teeth front sprocket
instructions for installation specifying amendments bring to air filter and air box

all our products are provided pre-rules. You have so that installation work is complete

NB: we do more increase in displacement to Rebel.

 Attention, the modification of the technical characteristics of a trained vehicle a lack of conformity may prohibit its use on the public highway.

Philippe V.: your kit I was fully satisfied; 115 km/h peak 100 takes a flat, big climb a 90 !

Philippe G: I am 57 years old. What I see is the security because cars are more easy to overtake and I ride in the stream without danger.